I’m moving…

That’s right, I’m moving my blog.

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I have come to the decision to move from WordPress.com to Blogger.com. I’m a bit of a Googleophile and I haven’t been loving the direction that WordPress.com has been moving in since I joined. I’m not a massive techspert and I have been finding WordPress.com a bit difficult, so I’ll leave to Blogger.com which I have found to be a great deal easier to use. I have already moved my older posts over to Blogger so you won’t have to come back here to see them.

You will now be able to find me at www.simplefibrelife.blogspot.com.

I could say that I didn’t post last week because I was agonising over whether I wanted to move my blog… but that would be lying. To be honest, things have been a bit busy with The Mr and I looking at rentals the past couple of Saturdays and then taking it easy and getting house chores done the next day.

However I have managed to finish a project. I have finished my something to wear from THIS post.

Crochet Hat

My hat took me a couple of goes, but I got it in the end. Just a simple single crochet made on the fly. Done in the round with bulky yarn and a 12mm hook.
Also, I have started doing this

Crochet Chain Strands

because I was totally inspired by this.
I’ve also been working on this

Crochet Project

I’m going through a crochet phase….. hmmm.

Well, my lovely peaches, that is all for now.
Until next time, get crafty and make something you love,
V xoxo

PS. Don’t forget to adjust your bookmarks, and change your RSS reader feeds because I am moving my blog.