Pattern Test: SBCC Cabernet Cardigan

Make It Nifty-Pattern Tested SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-CoverI haven’t sewn anything recently but I wanted to post about a pattern I tested in February, the one I mentioned here.

I just want to say from the outset, this is not a review of the pattern. It’s unfair to review a pattern that is still in the testing phase. This is just to share a garment I’ve made. There has been so much debate on the interwebs about pattern testing and both sides have good points, but in the end it’s all just a bunch of drama over something that isn’t hurting anyone. Although, I do find it interesting about whether posting about a pattern you’ve tested counts as a pattern review or a promotional post and how that plays into who is doing pattern testing. Just to declare it here. I was given this pattern for free to test and the links in this post are NOT affiliate links.

I have this weird habit where a garment I’ve sewn can’t be put away in my wardrobe until I’ve blogged about it, so this cardigan has been hanging out on my dress form for about 3 weeks. I had to wait until Betsy from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic Patterns announced her new patterns. Then it sort of fell by the wayside a little.

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-01. FrontInspiration

When Betsy put a call out for pattern testers I answered and she gave me the option of sewing the Cabernet Cardigan or the Pinot Pants. I have a cardigan shaped hole in my wardrobe so naturally I chose the Cabernet.


Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic Patterns – Cabernet Cardigan
View B – Short and relaxed fit with 3/4 sleeves
Size 1X

I didn’t make any pattern adjustments because I wanted to see how it would sew up straight out of the envelope off the printer.

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-02. SideMaterials

  • Ponte fabric from Spotlight
  • Medium weight interfacing
  • Thread


I went out to buy some Ponte to sew it up. While I was at the store I found some red Ponte and on the way to the checkout my friend pointed out some grey Ponte in the ‘off cuts’ display so I bought them both.

When I got home I played round with some colour blocking options using this technique. It was really fun and I got carried away 🙂

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-08. Colour SchemesI really like the ‘varsity jacket’ look of the two bottom colour options. I ended up going with all grey as I thought it would make the cardigan more versatile.

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-09. Final Colour SchemeI offset the sleeve cuff seam to avoid stacking a lot of bulk when attaching the cuff. You can’t really see it when I’m wearing it anyway

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-06. CuffThe top stitching on my pockets isn’t the best, but I can’t be bothered unpicking it – wearable toile and all.

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-07. PocketChanges I made this time

  • I didn’t include buttons because I didn’t have any in my stash and I like the look without buttons.

What I Like

  • The sleeve length is great, I find I push my sleeves up anyway so these are a good length for me
  • The colour makes it a versatile piece
  • The Ponte makes this very warm and it doesn’t cling
  • Pockets of course 🙂

What I don’t like

  • I think that this size is a little loose on me even though it is meant to a be a relaxed fit
  • I think that the hem band hits me at a strange spot

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-03. BackChanges for next time

  • First I’d try going down a size
  • Crop it a little more so that it ends at my waist.


Of course it has to be said again that I was given this pattern for free in exchange for proofing the pattern.

Pattern Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic Patterns – Cabernet Cardigan $0.00
Fabric 1.5 m Ponte Double Knit, Dusk, Spotlight (50% off) $12.78
  • Interfacing – stash
  • Thread – stash
Time 6.5 hours (* $17-ish Australian minimum wage)1 hour – printing & sticking the pattern together
30 min – cutting fabric
5 hours – sewing
Total   $123.38

So for a bit of time and some fabric I did a pattern test and got a serviceable cardigan.

Final Comment

I don’t have a lot of need for a cardigan just at the moment as it’s still quite warm here, but there were a couple of days where it was a little cool and this cardigan worked a treat. This is going to be great to wear around the house, out on errands and in casual settings. I definitely see more being made in my future.

I’m really glad that I was able to test this pattern. I’ve only ever tested one other pattern before and I have found the process interesting. The photos in this post are the ones I sent to Betsy as part of pattern testing. I thought it would be a good idea to wear  snug clothes and take front, side and back pictures with and without the cardigan on so she could see the fit of the garment.

Leave me a comment 🙂
Do you have any gaping holes in your wardrobe?
What are your thoughts on wearable toiles/muslins?
Do you ever sew something for the sake of sewing it without fussing with fit?
Have you pattern tested before? Would you do it again?

Make It Nifty-SBCC Cabernet Cardigan-10. PoseUntil next time,