Elvish Granny Square Slippers

Make It Nifty-Elvish Slippers-Title ImageSo it seems that I’m on a bit of a knitting/crochet roll.


After I made my Improve socks I was in the mood for making more warming feet accessories.

So I perused my Ravelry queue and came across a pattern for crocheted granny square slippers. I’d had these in my queue since December 2012!
So I set to and started crocheting. I had these puppies done in 5 days!

I’ve called these ‘Elvish’ because the pointed toe and the points in the opening remind me of shoes elves wear.

Ravelled here


Purl Bee – Granny Square Slippers (Ravelry or website)

Make It Nifty-Elvish Slippers-WIP

Pattern Adjustments

  • Whip stitched the squares together
  • Made each square a single colour
  • Added an extra square at the front of the foot opening

Make It Nifty-Elvish Slippers-FO front


  • 8ply ‘soft’ acrylic yarn
  • 4mm crochet hook


I’ve made a granny square throw [link] before so it was pretty simple to whip up a bunch of squares. I probably would have made all the squares the same colour if I had enough yarn in one colour.

Changes I made this time

  • Whip stitched the squares together instead of crocheting them together
  • Added an extra square to the front of the opening
  • Crocheted around the opening in a contrast yarn

What I Like

  • Simple to whip up
  • The colours are alright

Make It Nifty-Elvish Slippers-Flat

What I don’t like

  • Little bit loose
  • Sometimes not very warm (I don’t usually wear them with socks)

Changes for next time

  • Either use a smaller needle or crochet one less round to get a more snug fit.
  • Perhaps use a different square motif next time.


Pattern Purl Bee – Granny Square Slippers – Free
Yarn Scrap yarn from stash – Free
Notions None
Time 8 hours (* $17-ish Australian minimum wage)
I’m estimating here
Total   $136.00

Even though these cost a lot in labour, they were a stash-busting project and that’s always a good thing in my book.

Make It Nifty-Elvish Slippers-FO side

Final Comment

This was a pretty straight forward make. They came together quickly once the squares had been crocheted and even they didn’t take that long to make.

I’ll definitely be wearing this around the house. Although I might have to wear them with socks for extra warmth. At least that way these slippers will protect my socks from too much wear.

I suppose the cooler weather has me reaching form yarn, needles and hooks more than fabric and my sewing machine, but I’m ok with that.

Do you have a variety of making interests or do you prefer to stick to one medium?
Are your making habits affected by the seasons?
What was your favourite stash-busting project?
Leave a comment. I love reading them 🙂

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Elvish Granny Square Slippers

  1. These are great! I crocheted a few pairs of these slippers (minus the extra square) for myself and my boyfriend last winter, and we both enjoyed them. I do think they need to be worn with socks though – the holes definitely let cold air in! It’s cool to see your knitting and crochet projects in addition to sewing. I think a lot of us have multiple crafty interests… and why shouldn’t we?? 🙂

    • I saw your slippers on Ravelry after I’d made mine. I like the colours you used. These are definitely wear-with-socks slippers.
      Multiple crafts keep things interesting; I can take a break from one craft by doing another. Also, using a sewing machine on the couch isn’t as comfortable as knitting or crocheting on the couch 🙂
      One day I’d like to make a cardigan or something, but I want to work through my yarn stash before I go out and buy lots of yarn for a project like that.

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