My Secret MMMay15 Challenge

It’s been great to see what people have been up to during Me-Made-May15 (MMM). I didn’t officially pledge for it, but I did my own challenge. I didn’t want to announce it because I wasn’t sure if I’d stick it out to the end, but I did, so I will share it now 🙂
(commitment-phobe? me? never!)

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty - Cover ImageSo, what was the challenge?
During May I wanted to:
1. Take a picture of and/or record what I wore each day
2. Wear at least one me-made (MM) item 22 out of 31 days (or 5 days out of a week)
3. Spend at least 30minutes sewing or crafting each day

I wanted to see what I wear when the weather cools down. My clothes sewing and buying is usually geared towards spring/summer clothes leaving my autumn/winter wardrobe very sparse.

I wanted to wear at least one MM garment for most of the month, but the main aim was to find out what I generally reach for when getting dressed, regardless of it being MM or ready to wear (RTW).

Crafting has been taking a back seat lately and I wanted to try to do something creative daily so I made that one of my challenges too.

So, how did I track it?
I knew that if I was going to stay on track with my challenge I needed to have a quick and simple system. I started with the end in mind. I knew that at the end of the month I wanted data to analyse, so I created a spreadsheet to record what I wore each day.

I also wanted a photo each day too. So I decided that every day I would take a photo, upload it to a private album in Flickr and make a quick note of what I wore in the image description.

At the start I was also making quick notes of the weather and what I was doing that day in a draft post, but that was too involved and quickly fell by the wayside. Looking back now I could have added that to the spreadsheet but then again, maybe that would have been gathering too much information anyway.

One of the things I didn’t do was to have a system to track my sewing & crafting activity. I probably could have tacked that onto the spreadsheet too.

So, what happened?
Challenge 1. Take a picture of and/or record what I wore each day
I did take a picture every day and I was able to fill out the spreadsheet most days. Although, if I didn’t fill out the spreadsheet it was fine because I could fill it later after checking the photos I took. Here is a breakdown of what I wore – MM and RTW

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty-overviewOut of interest I made a note of what silhouettes I wore during the month too. I did this towards the end so I would have an idea of what shapes I was wearing. I was surprised that the ones I wore were pretty evenly distributed. Here are some of my favourite ensembles

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty-EnsemblesChallenge 2. Wear at least one me-made (MM) item 22 out of 31 days
I wore MM for 23 days. I wasn’t going to include MM accessories in my counts, but decided in the end to; they are after all wearable items I’ve made. Never mind that and if I didn’t include them I would have only worn MM for 21 days 🙂

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty-MM wornMost of my MM days were in the first half of the month. It may have been because I had MMM on my mind more in the early part of the month. You can see why including accessories boosted my MM days because there were are couple of days there where the only MM items I wore were accessories.

So, what did I wear?
My Denim Polly Skirt was worn the most out of my MM clothing – 9 times. Another denim skirt would be a good addition. Combined my grey (unblogged) and red The-Tee’s came in second – 7 times; so more of those would be handy. I’m surprised my Grey Lady Skater Dress didn’t get worn more.

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty-MM charts

I got a bit of wear out of MM socks (Improv Socks) and slippers (Elvish Slippers). I prefer the socks so knitting more pairs should be high on my knitting queue. I’d like to make some more slippers to reduce wear on my socks.

There were quite a few RTW items that I only wore once during the month and to keep things simple I decided to exclude those. My black jeans were worn the most – 7 times. So jeans are something that I need to look at sewing; although, I think some wearable long trousers in general would be a great addition (ok. Maybe I’m a little scared of sewing jeans :P). My black pencil skirts got worn a fair bit too – 5 times, so knit skirts would be a a good addition to my wardrobe. Perhaps in different colours.

The 3/4 and long sleeve knit tops I wore 17 times during the month are RTW (not all included in in the chart below) so I definitely need a long sleeve knit shirt Tried n’ True pattern.

My Secret Me Made May '15 Challenge-Make It Nifty-RTW chartsWhen looking at my RTW accessories it’s not surprise that I wore tights a lot as I wore skirts for most of the month. I’m not going to be sewing these any time soon, but I should look at sewing leggings as an alternative. Also, seeing as I wear them so often I shouldn’t feel bad about buying good quality tights at the store.
A scarf I bought for $4 at an op-shop (thrift shop) got a workout this month and I only wore my red belt when I wore my lady skater dress.

Challenge 3. Spend at least 30minutes sewing or crafting each day
Looking back I should have setup a system to keep track of my sewing and crafting. I think because I wasn’t entirely accountable it was all over the place and so that went out the window pretty quickly as I didn’t set aside time to do it. Although, when I did manage to craft I was happier.
In saying that, I did finish a couple of yarn projects this month – my Improv socks and my Elvish Granny Square Slippers. I didn’t do much sewing though.

So, what now?
After this exercise a few things have been made obvious.

  • Another denim skirt would be great
  • More knit tops would be good – tees and long sleeved
  • I really need long trousers (and/or jeans Eeek!)
  • Making sewing & crafting a regular activity makes me happier
  • I want to make more socks & slippers

Final Thoughts
Overall I’m pretty happy with how I went with my secret MMMay15 challenge. It was a great way to see where the gaps in my cool weather wardrobe are.

I realise now that I didn’t include shoes as part of my record and I wish I had. I’m sure there are a few gaps there (although, I’m sure that my man-spouse would disagree). Now that I’ve done this exercise I need to crack on with filling those gaps.

Something I didn’t realise would happen while doing the challenge was that it gave me a kick in the back-side to put more effort into my appearance. I accessorised and/or dab on some lipstick. In the past, when I heard some people did this every day even if they were home all day, I thought it was silly and superficial. I realise now it’s the act of investing time and thought in yourself that matters, regardless of appearance.

Random Side Note: I realised during the month that I can’t find my favourite RTW black 3/4 sleeve button down shirt with breast pockets and turn-up sleeve cuffs. I have no idea where the hell it is. I’ve heard of disappearing socks, but this is ridiculous!

What type of garment do you wear a lot?
Did you participate in MMM?
Do you ever lose clothes for no reason?

Until next time,