I wonder… do you cut or trace?

Make It Nifty-I Wonder - Cut or TraceI’ve wondered this a long time. Do you cut or trace your sewing patterns?

For me it depends on where the pattern is from.

If it’s a pattern out of a sewing book I’m definitely a tracer. Sometimes I have to because the pattern pieces overlap or the pattern sheets are double-sided; but even if they are just nested pattern pieces I prefer to trace.

If I only have a paper copy of a pattern I trace. I like having the flexibility of having all the sizes in tact. It also means that I can make changes to the pattern knowing that if I make a hug mistake I can go back and trace the original again.

Make It Nifty-I Wonder - Cut or Trace-toolsIf it’s a PDF pattern that I’ve printed and pasted together I will usually cut it out. BUT if it was a pain to print and stick together or it has a huge number of pages I may trace or I’ll cut the outline of all the sizes and fold the bits of the sizes I don’t need out of the way.

I usually trace over grease proof paper from the supermarket. It’s transparent, it’s cheap, it’s simple to find more and it’s a management size. Sometimes I’ll use butchers’ paper and a pattern tracing wheel.

Using an old rotary cutter when cutting out sewing patterns makes cutting out patterns pieces much quicker.

When I’m not in the mood to sew, but feel like doing something sewing related I’ll sometimes cut out the pattern pieces of the paper patterns I have. That way when I’m ready to use the pattern that’s one step I can skip.

So tell me, are you a tracer or cutter?
What’s your favourite tracing/cutting technique?

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