A long pause…


A long pauseIt’s been over a month since I posted. That was totally unintentional.

The truth is that I just haven’t been “feeling it” when it comes to blogging and the longer I haven’t posted the harder it feels to get back into it. So, I stopped by to write a little note to get rid of some “blank page” fear – that daunting feeling you get when staring at a blank page.

Strangely I feel guilty or maybe dread; no, it’s just a bad feeling when I’ve been thinking about blogging. I think it’s my perfectionist monster whispering in my ear 🙂

I have a bit of a backlog of projects I want to post about before I move on to current/new projects. So expect to see a hotchpotch of projects coming up. I’ve also been collecting a bunch of “I wonder” questions so expect to see a few of those.

Strangely as I’ve been writing this post I can feel my enthusiasm growing. Getting started can really be the biggest hurdle, but once that is done it gets easier…

Until next time (sooner rather than later),